Irrigation monitoring now also covering fixed irrigation systems

The use of the Crodeon Reporter for monitoring irrigation has been part of the product offering of Crodeon for quite a while. Until now, the system was only being installed on mobile systems, more precisely irrigation reels.

Upon request of a customer, the solution offering is being expanded this month in order to also cover fixed irrigation systems. The Reporter will makes use of the same sensors as today, but with updated software and firmware.

A fixed irrigation system is used for irrigation of one specific lot. These installations are used outdoor as well as in greenhouses. A long boom moves along the length of the lot, and provides an identical amount water to all plants.

It is important for the farmer to monitor the irrigation process continuously. This allows for planning the work day efficiently as well as using the system in the optimal way. With the Crodeon Reporter, the user can remotely track the irrigation process on his phone or pc and receive a notification when it is finished or stuck halfway.

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