Crodeon measures air quality and insulating performance for Total Value Wall

In order to monitor the effects of the Total Value Wall in several test locations in Flanders, Crodeon was asked to provide remote sensing hardware. The first three locations are up and running; the results already look promising.

The Total Value Wall is a concept by Muurtuin BVBA. The vertical garden offers numerous advantages such as better insulation and the filtering of ‘gray’ water. Founder Teun Depreeuw: “Asides from being an eye catcher, the green wall offers many building-related advantages such as thermal and acoustic insulation, but it also filters air pollutants and the plants improve biodiversity. Furthermore the wall solves the rising temperatures in cities caused by Urban Heat Islands (UHI).”

With the Crodeon Reporter, Muurtuin measures CO2, particle matter, wind, rain and four different temperatures. As the measurements are mainly done outdoor, a solar panel was chosen instead of grid power. All data can be viewed in real-time on

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